Student Athlete End of Season Survey

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How successful did you feel about your past season? *
Were safe, effective and current training techniques used in the weight room? *
Was the weight room in good condition and maintained? *
How was the instruction and supervision in the weight room? *
How would you rate the level of care received from the athletic trainers? *
How would you rate the athletic training services and availability? *
How would you rate the athletic training facility? *
How would you rate the commitment of the institution to allow missing classes for competition? *
How accessible was academic support staff for student athletes? *
How was the level of support received from academic services staff? *
How was the quality of team transportation? *
What was the level of your coaches support in meeting your athletic goals? *
What was the level of commitment of your coach to develop you beyond athletics? *
What was the level of knowledge of your sport by the head coach? *
How well rounded or balanced were meals provided to you by your coach surrounding your competitions (not cafeteria provided)? *
How available was the athletics administrative staff for assistance? *
How involved did you feel the student advisory committee (SAAC) was in institutional operations? *
How visible did you feel the athletics administrative staff was? *
How supportive do you feel your coach has been during COVID-19? *
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