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13.6.2 Length of Official Visit.
An official visit to an institution shall not exceed 48 hours. A prospective student-athlete may remain in the locale
in which the institution is located after the permissible 48-hour period for reasons unrelated to the official visit,
provided that at the completion of the 48-hour visit, the individual departs the institution’s campus, and the institution
does not pay any expenses thereafter, including the cost of return transportation to the prospective student-athlete’s home.
Additionally, if the prospective student-athlete does not return home before attending the institution, the one-way transportation
to the campus would be considered a violation of Bylaw 13.5.4, which prohibits transportation to enroll. 48-Hour Period Defined.
The 48-hour period of the official visit begins at the time the prospective student-athlete arrives on the institution’s campus,
rather than with the initiation of the prospective student-athlete’s transportation by a coach or the time of the prospective
student-athlete’s arrival at the airport or elsewhere in the community. The prospective student-athlete’s transportation to
and from the campus must be without delay for personal reasons or entertainment purposes. The institution may not pay
any expenses for entertainment (other than the actual and reasonable cost of meals) in conjunction with the prospective
student-athlete’s transportation. At the completion of the 48-hour visit, the prospective student-athlete must depart the institution’s
campus immediately; otherwise, the institution may not pay any expenses incurred by the prospective student-athlete upon departure
from the institution’s campus, including the cost of the prospective studentathlete’s transportation home. Exception to 48-Hour Period for Extenuating Circumstances.
An official visit may extend
beyond 48 hours for reasons beyond the control of the prospective student-athlete and the institution (e.g.,
inclement weather conditions, natural disaster, flight delays or cancellations, airport security activity). In such
instances, the institution shall submit a report to the conference office after the visit (or, in the case of independent
institutions, to the NCAA national office), noting the details of the circumstances. 
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